About us

We provide consultancy and training in tourism with focus on inclusive sustainability, responsible development and customer service excellence.

Our travel and tourism industry knowledge extends over nearly 25 years of practice and we are proud to offer a 360 tailored and personal service for small to medium companies and destinations. We support projects from investment stage to representation, marketing and PR campaigns, provided by our team of external experts and partners.

We promote Inclusive Sustainability by implementing lasting change through all aspects of our activity; therefore, our mission statement is simple:

Do good by being the change you want to see.
To make this happen, 10% of all our profits after tax are earmarked for projects we support.

In our pursuit to support projects we believe in, we choose suppliers who are committed to responsible and sustainable practices or are willing to apply them with our support.

Inclusive Sustainability in practice supports the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals and is essential to their success.